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Rae Dunn Mug Toppers | Faux Whipped Cream

I have started making these adorable mug toppers as a companion to your Rae Dunn Mugs. They are amazing. I wanted one for my coffee bar and ordered one from a shop on Etsy and when it came I was so disappointed. It was small and puney and didn’t have any excitement to offer my display. 

The first thing I said was OMG I can make those so much better. So, I did. Once I posted them I had so many people asking where they could get them that I started selling them. They are amazing ! 

Check out my store to order yours and sign up to this website so that you know when there are new versions for future holidays and sales ! 

Here are a few photos for now….


What the heck is a digital planner ?  Today we live in a world where so many things are easier than they used to be. The iPad is a perfect tool for creating a little extra easy in our day. And it isn’t just easy to use….Its fun ! A digital planner is much like the paper planner that you have seen before. It gives you a place to keep track of your busy life, of course, but it also gives you a fun new way to have a cute looking planner that you can carry with you easily and use fun stickers to decorate without having to carry a sack full of things with you to plan. I don’t think any of us wanna drag out our paper planner supplies in the middle of the doctors office waiting room or on the beach with the water and wind and sand. But you already have an iPad in your bag. Why not use it to start digital planning today !? Just plop down at the doctors office, in line waiting for your child to get out of school, anyplace where you are wasting time now, you can gain back by adding an iPad digital planner to your life. Digital Planning is more fun, more creative, more enjoyable and yes, you can keep it forever in your cloud so you can pass it down to the next generation. Exactly what do I need to digital plan ? 
  • You need an iPad that can use a stylus or the newest iPads from 2018 on that work with the Apple Pencils. The iPad Pro in any generation will work great. Everything I design, I create for the iPad Pro and Apple Pencil.
  • You need a stylus, the Apple Pencil is my favorite but you can use other brands as long as they write on the iPad.
  • You need to install GoodNotes for IOS. You can also use Notability. For Android users, I can’t help you much on what app to use. I use all Apple products so I don’t know what will or wont work with the planners that I create. I build them geared toward Apple iPad users.
  • You need a really beautiful planner, notebook or other digital items from our shoppe on Etsy.
What are some of the things I can do on a digital planner ?  You can take any kind of note you need. Writing with the Apple Pencil or stylus you write just like you do with a regular pencil. All my planners have hyperlinks in them so they work. When you click on a tab, it immediately opens the associated page and “turns” the page just like in a real paper planner. You can rearrange pages inside your planner and add new pages or take the ones away that you don’t love. Build the planner to have as many pages as you want. You can add photos right into your planner or calendar. If you dislike it, delete it and change it to something else. Digital gives you so much freedom to change you planner around as your day does. How do you Duplicate Pages in a digital planner ? 
You open your planner. Click on the thumbnail icon in the upper left corner. Click EDIT and then pick the page that you want to make a copy of or delete and click TRASH at the top to get rid of that page or click COPY at the bottom left corner if you are trying to add a new page. Click on the DONE button and click on the + icon in the thumbnail panel and then click where you want to put the new copy of the page you just made by pressing the + icon. When the pop-up menu comes up, just choose Paste Copied Pages and the word Done.
Which Planner is right for me ?  Every planner in my shop is completely different from the one beside it. Please take the time to read the description of each planner and decide which one works for your needs. Some have months and weeks and days, some don’t have daily spreads, some have more pages than others, they are completely unique to a particular design in the shop so please take your time and explore the shoppe and find what you love. Our Alma Digital Planner is a beautiful girly design and we also offer more masculine designs in our shop. We always want you to be happy with your purchase but we also do not do refunds on any digital item. So make your choice carefully and if you need more information please feel free to message me and ask what you need to know. Check out our little rolodex planners, they make a great extra to go along side any digital planner, ours or even one you create yourself.