A Boy & His Daddy

My son's Daddy has been very sick for about a year. He busted a hole in his heart and then four months later did the same thing again. They call it an aortic discetion. I have personally watched him suffer through so much over the last year. We have been divorced for many years now, but we share a love for this boy like no other.

Mike called me from the ER the night before Christmas Eve and then he ended up having open heart surgery on Christmas Eve. He has been close to death for months. On more than one occasion he had no pulse and was unresponsive. I have had to sit our son down and explain to him that his Daddy wouldn't make it and that he needed to be prepared for his death so many times the last six months.

But today, he got the sweet surprise of finding him at his sister’s house just about ten minutes from us. He didn’t want me to tell Mikey that he was coming home so he could surprise him. When we opened the door, he was as big as his daddy. I wake up every day and see him there, so I don’t see Mikeys growth that much from one day to the next but his Daddy hadn’t seen him but once since December so to him he shot up overnight.

I don’t really have some amazing story to tell about this. It probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone but me. But I needed to say to the universe that I am thankful today that my son got one more time that he got to wrap his arms around his Daddy and feel happy.


Author: whatwendysaid