I am many things



My husband always talks about how he is many things. It hit me that I too can't define myself as just one thing.

I love so many different types of crafts, so many different hobbies and typically my mind can't focus on one thing enough that I don't have projects half finished laying about.

I love my life. I love my husband. I love our little house and our memories that we have been blessed to make over the years we have been together.

I say all the time that I will be so mad if we don't get to spend at least 30 years together. I pray for that daily. I want 50 but I will be happy if I can lay my head down at the end of my life and be able to say we got 30.

My grandmother was a McCoy and my whole life she was so proud of this fact. Just two generations before me, she could speak to the facts of the feud and tell stories about Hatfields and McCoys fussing and fighting with passion. I wish I had wrote down her memories of things her parents told her about the feud. But those memories are just lost forever.

The Hatfield McCoy Feud began with Devil Anse Hatfield and Randall McCoy. People say they were close friends and served on the same side during the Civil War. They were neighbors, but back then being neighbors didn't mean that you really lived close to someone. It was quite a long way between their homes and I imagine they could have lived forever without actually having to see each other if they had wanted to avoid the fighting.  I have been thousands of times to both of their home places and the thing that always stands out is how far it would have been on a horse to get to the other guys property. It always leaves me thinking that they went out of their way to fight.

Devil Anse Hatfield lived over on the West Virginia side and Ran'l was representing the Ky side. The Tug River is not a huge river but one that can be hard to cross in places.

With increasing tensions, misunderstandings and resentment building between the two families, it soon burst into an all out war. The two families shot and killed each other until there were very few members of the McCoy family left standing and many of the Hatfields were either dead or in jail.

In 2012 the History Channel made a mini series about the feud and Kevin Costner played the part of Devil Anse Hatfield. He was awesome in the roll. I am descended from Preacher Anderson Hatfield and Aunt Betty McCoy so I had particular fun watching the story of the feud come alive again and be on the lips of so many.

Most especially on the lips of Kevin Costner. I mean, he made Devil look sexy.

Later, after my grandmother was gone, I discovered my family tree had quite a few Hatfields in it. My mother was shocked when I told her that we come from Preacher Anderson Hatfield. The thing I always say is that for people who hated each other so bad and killed each other so much, they sure did spend a lot of time making babies together 🙂