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Italian Men Fall In Love Quickly

Over the week while we were in Venice we had four days that we were in our costumes for Carnevale. During that time it grew excedingly fun to play with the men who approached me for a photograph. I found that after a time I understood the whole idea of wearing a mask to hide and become a new personality. To masquerade became exciting each day.


Bill giggled that I had four marriage proposals during the four days.

Each time that I received the question it came from a man who would run over to have his turn at a photo with me and would get close enough to look through the mask into my eyes.

Later after we got home and started looking at the photos I had several regular visitors to Carnevale explain to me that you should probably black out your eyes so that you look better in the photos. Lordie, we have so much to learn before next year 🙂

Bill teased me that he kept getting cut out of photos by our photographer because he was mesmerized by my blue eyes.

I got comments like “Oh your American eyes” and “Bellissimo” but my favorite comments came from little Italian men who said “Oh you will marry me, no !?”

It seems Italian men fall in love quickly 😉

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