Smile !

One of the things that I didn’t know in advance was how many photos would be taken of us by strangers while at Carnevale.  I guess, I thought it would be fun, but I don’t think I ever knew that photographers would come from around the world to photograph those of us in the costumes and masks.  On the first day when we put our costumes on and walked out to San Marco Square we were shocked by the fact that we couldn’t reach the square. As soon as we made our way out of the tiny little street that met up with the Grand Canal we were met with a rush of paparazzi and every single step we took for the next four days was labored.

​With what is a space that feels less than a single square mile and a gathering of more than three million people, it becomes a close encounter quickly in Venice. But the feeling of excitement when you are pursued by thousands of photographers is hard to explain. I remember thinking after a few hours that it was mad that so many people pressed for a photo. We had all kinds. Those who waited patiently in line for their turn and respectfully stepped in to snap a selfie, those who grabbed a hold of you physically and wouldn’t let go until their spouse captured the shot (witch), those that were so adorable you couldn’t resist stopping to snap a photo and hoping that you would later find it on social media and my favorite were those where a guy with a giant camera and self-contained light would pounce on you and start snapping what felt like dozens of photos and before you knew it he was directing you to move left or right and place your hand here and bend like this and had totally taken over the situation. Those are the men and women that you took the time to hand your email address to and just prayed that they would share it with you later. Some of those photos have been shared with us and it has been like an adventure every single day since we got home to search the bowels of the internet for just one more of the thousands of photos that exist now out there somewhere just waiting to be found.



Author: whatwendysaid