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10 Questions to Always Ask Your Friends

Questions for the People I know

Random Questions for the People I know

Completely Random

Coke or Pepsi ?

Coke or Pepsi ?

When was the first time you climbed a tree?

I have climbed many trees since then to place and find geocaches. But that tree house between the four trees in my yard as a child is still the first thing I think of when someone talks about climbing trees.

How bout you ?

Where do you most want to travel to?

How bout you ? Anyplace exciting that I need to know about ?

At what age were you first married ?

I was first married at 18. I was completely too young.

Who would you call first ?

If I were walking along and I found a sack of money I would probably call my husband first. Then I would call Delta Airlines 🙂

Questions for Geocachers

How long have you been geocaching ?

I started caching in the last few weeks of 2010. Within a week of knowing what geocaching was I headed to Nevada and did the ET Highway. 15,888 caches later I still love the game.

How bout you ? When did you start caching ?

Have you ever hurt yourself while caching ?

Many times ! Once while caching I was alone and I broke my ankle. I had a cell phone with me and called my husband, who was so angry at me, to come and get me.

I wasn't supposed to be where I was so he was not happen when he found me on top of a mountain, alone and in a foot of snow. He literally had to drag me from the hillside.

How bout you ?

Have you ever cached in a foreign country ?

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