My Son Michael’s Family Tree

Michael J Baisden & Son, Michael Jaye Baisden, II

Mikey was named after his father. I have so many photos of them together it is insane. I followed them around when Mikey was little and captured every single moment of them because somehow in my head from the very start I knew that they would not have enough time together.

I love all those photos now and especially love all of the scrapbook pages of them together.

(This photo is from when he came home from the hospital and a few days later his step-sister, Leann came to see him.)

wendys camera_0724

Gone, Not Forgotten

Anna Rose Wellman

There are not a lot of photos of Ann with Mikey. He was very new when she passed away. This photo makes me happy because it was the first time she had ever seen Mikey. We took him down to Lenore, West Virginia, where they lived and I snapped this photo of her holding him and she was gone less than a month later. 

Blog Posts about Mikey

A little family history....

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Michael J Baisden's Parents

Mike and Wendy married in 2003 and ran the Linkous House B&B in Williamson for many years together. They sold it shortly after they divorced in 2013.

lahoma and mikes wedding certificate

Michael J Baisden

Mikey's daddy, Mike was married to another woman, the mother of Mikey's two step-brother and step-sister. When researching for this family tree I found the marriage certificate where they got married in 1974.

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Mikey's Baisden Grandparents

Mikey didn't get blessed with lots of grandparents. Ann died shortly after Mikey was born, Earnest was already gone when he was born. So, Mikey had no grandparents on his dads side of the family.

Earnest Jennings Baisden WWII registration card
Earnest Jennings Baisden WWII registration card.JPGBack of the card

Ernest Jennings Baisden

Mikey's Dad's Father's WWII registration card.

Papa John came and watched Mikey play his first ev

Mikey's Hackney Grandparents

John and Ella Hackney are Mikey's grandparents on the Hackney side. These are really the only grandparents that Mikey got. All of his Great Grandparents had already died before Mikey was born.

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Step-Brothers & Sisters

Mikey has one Step-Sister, Leann and one Step-Brother, Patrick Jaye. Both were grown before Mikey was born. And one Step-Brother, Jacob Aaron Stewart who lived in the house with Mikey for a couple years before he was grown and out on his own.