Bil Richardson

Bil Richardson

As a filmmaker Bil Richardson has produced feature films, documentaries, commercials and a 16 episode series for the History Channel.  

He has appeared on numerous national TV shows including CBS This Morning, CBS Sunday Morning, American PickersMysteries at the Museum, the National Geographic Channel's Diggers and Discovery Networks’ Blood Feuds.

His films are being used as teaching tools at such prestigious universities as UC Berkeley, Carnegie Mellon and Marquette; and are part of the U.S. Library of Congress holdings.  

Getting Trumped

Our country just experienced the most blatant attack since 9/11 but we’re doing nothing to defend ourselves. Nationally known historian, Bil Richardson explains why and how the Russians attacked us and provides strategies for what we can do to fight back. The Russians spent tens of millions of dollars to change the outcome of the last election and they are getting ready to do it again. The cyber world is the battlefield of the 21st century and if we continue to show weakness the Russians will not stop.

Donald Trump The Apprentice President

This collection of political cartoons takes a humorous look at the rollercoaster ride that is the Trump presidency. From the twitter storms to the sex scandals to the rampant firing of anyone within reach, it’s a time like no other in American history. If you added up the womanizing of Bill Clinton, the bumbling antics of George Bush and the political intrigue of the Nixon years it still wouldn’t hold a candle to Donald Trump’s tenure. But if there’s one consolation, it’s that the Trump administration has created some of the greatest political satire of all time. So come on and turn that frown upside down. It’s time to have a few laughs on us – and our Apprentice President.

Laffterpieces 2

This is one of the most important books of the year. It delves into vital questions like, what makes castration so funny and how did Jesus spend his leisure time. If you’re looking for something that will change your life and elevate your consciousness then boy are you in the wrong place. If however, you want to laugh until snot shoots from your nose then your search is over. Laffterpieces takes low brow to new heights. It mixes the world’s most amazing art with jokes that you could never tell your mother – unless your mother is a merchant marine or runs a do-it-yourself tattoo parlor. This book will make you ask profound questions like, did anyone in the Renaissance wear clothes and were all the great artists high when they painted this stuff. If you are a person who takes themselves and great art seriously then this book is probably just going to piss you off. But if what you really want is a good time and some belly laughs then this is where you need to be.

Laffterpieces 3

Penis, feces and vagina – these are funny words that are the socially acceptable names for things. Each also has slang versions that are even funnier, like tallywacker, brown round and cooter. There are also names for the exact same things that are even funnier but are considered lewd and I am not allowed to write them here. These latter words are sometime referred to obliquely as the S-word or the P-word and for some reason that is acceptable even though we all know what they’re really talking about. Why are some names for things socially acceptable and others aren’t. Hell if I know. I just wanted an excuse to say them. I guess I could justify their use by telling you that many of these words appear in this book. And that would be true. But the honest answer is that they are funny and my goal is to make you laugh. If you would like more laughter then please consider selecting this book for your reading pleasure. If any of these words offend you then I apologize and suggest you look elsewhere for your humor. I hear Plato is a riot – especially if read in the original Greek. 

Laffterpieces 1

“Juvenile”, “Ridiculous”, “Disrespectful” – this is just some of the glowing praise for Laffterpieces. This truly funny book combines the world’s most amazing art with unnecessarily crude and insensitive humor to create a cocktail that will make you wonder just what kind of weirdo would write this stuff. You’ll laugh so hard your intestines fall out. (NOTE: The author is not legally liable for any injury caused by reading this book.) Not since the Koran has there been a book this funny. No target is out of bounds; including sex, religion, or that strange thing growing on your genitals you don’t want anybody to know about. (NOTE: The author has not been sneaking in and watching you shower so he has no firsthand knowledge of said genital growth.)