National Geographic Diggers Bill has loved the history of the feud for many years now. Long before it was ever on the History Channel he was studying and working to build tourism in Hatfield McCoy Feud Country.  Bill has worked in tourism for the last 20 years in Feud Country as part of his position as Associate Professor for WVU. This moment was something he had waited a long time to see.  In the Diggers series, Saylor and Wyant scour the country for lost pieces of American history — from Civil War buckles to family heirloom rings and silver coins….

I am many things

  My husband always talks about how he is many things. It hit me that I too can’t define myself as just one thing. I love so many different types of crafts, so many different hobbies and typically my mind can’t focus on one thing enough that I don’t have projects half finished laying about. I love my life. I love my husband. I love our little house and our memories that we have been blessed to make over the years we have been together. I say all the time that I will be so mad if we don’t get…