Bullet Journaling FREEBIES

FREE. That’s right, You can print these pages for your own personal use, Absolutely FREE. I have recently discovered BULLET JOURNALING. I have been a SCRAPBOOKER for many years and designed and developed several scrapbook products for the scrapbook industry that are still very useful in making your scrapbook pages. But recently, I began to use those same products for my new passion…Bullet Journaling. This post may contain affiliate links. Read my full disclosure policy here.   Now, before you start to tell me about how busy moms don’t have time to bullet journal or color pages in a day planner, just wait. In my mind, a busy woman doesn’t have time to NOT plan every single day.   Read the Post for the FREE Bullet Journal Downloads Below.     Subscribe | Follow These 3 Templates Rock and I designed them 🙂 You can search about on this site and find lots more information on these three templates. I designed them with Hot Off the Press and I use them constantly on my scrapbook pages and in Bullet Journals. Check them out on my scrapbook tab.   Here’s my thinking, if you want to make the most out of your…


Beautiful Day

I love to scrapbook about our travels. I am only just learning to do digital scrapbooking. I have been paper crafting for many years now but in the last six months I have tried really hard to learn to use photoshop. I had a software by Microsoft that I used since 2016 and when I upgraded my computer this last time, sadly, it stopped working with the new windows versions. I almost took the computer back. I figured this was the perfect time to give digital scrapbooking a try since I needed something to learn on. I discovered a website where I have spend hours downloading lots of goodies that I can use to make the pages. I think learning shadows and layers is freaking hard. I will get there. For now, I am just thankful that every now and again I can create a page that I am not ashamed of. The funny thing is, I could make this page with real paper in just a few minutes. LOL I thought digital scrapbooking would be faster. NOT SO ! Does anyone have suggestions for good digital scrapbook beginner blogs or sites? Love any suggestions you may have.   Subscribe…

Little Boy, Where’d you get your britches?

This page is my entry for this months challenge on a blog that I subscribe to and love ! The page requirements were as listed here: 1. Use orange and brown. 2. Use woodgrain. 3. Use fabric. 4. Use something with wings. 5. Use a toilet paper roll. 6. Use song lyrics in your title I met these qualifications in the following ways…. Of coarse my paper choices were orange & browns and I used my Tim Holtz inks for distressing in Orange and Brown. Then I cut down a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper to a 8 1/2 x 11 size so that I could run it thru my regualar printer and do journalling on it. This piece of paper was a piece of brown woodgrain which was requirement number two. For the using of a piece of fabric I really had a struggle. I used to be a quilter before I picked up scrapbooking so I’m no stranger to fabric..I just hardly ever touch it now. and I dislike sewing in a major way . So, to be sure I met the qualification I used a piece of fabric to roll up and make a stem for my flower….