Stories About Friendships

Some of the best lessons in life come from our friends.

Rebecca Darlene Branham

She was fun. That's the thing I think of when I think of Beckie. We sat for hours and just laughed. We played together hard and if it sat still we climbed it. My memories are not complete without her in them. I can't remember any real part of being a child that she was not a part of.  When I wrote a love note to a boy, she would physically write it because her handwritting was so awesome. 

Amanda Ruth Mullins

Amanda was tough. She could do back handsprings across the football field and just flip and flip. She was powerful in most everything she did. We always liked the same things. She was this girl that you looked at and thought about how you had to be better because she was there. She is still that way 30 years later. I look at her accomplishments and it makes me wish I had gone to college. I see her and think how tough she still is today. She was fun. She walked into a room and everyone knew she was there. By her side, I thought I could tackle the universe. 

Kelly Messer

Kelly is my grown up friend. She was an accident. I wasn't looking for a friend. She was just there and one thing led to the other and I feel in love with her. She is sweet and good and all wrong for me. I don't know how I would have made it through some of my life without her there. As adults, we have lives of our own and we both are busy. But she is that person that if I was stranded on the side of the road or something was really wrong, I know I can call and she will somehow get to me and hopefully she knows that I am there for her. 

Angie Artis

My brother dated Angie and by the time I was in 7th or 8th grade she had become my sister and would become my sister-in-law and mother to my two beautiful nieces.  I have a dozen Christmas ornaments that are precious to me and they are all ones that came from her over the years and I cherish them. She was beautiful and sweet and had this laugh that seriously burst from her lungs like a bullet from a gun and I can’t say the word Angie without hearing that laughter over the 48 years of my life.

My Husband

It sounds like that thing you are supposed to say. My husband is my best friend. But it is so true. He is the person I tell every single thing to. He is the person that I need to tell the exciting news to. He is the person that I text to show the funky thing I just seen or to ask if this dress makes me look fat. Now, I love my friends. But if I have a choice of who I am going to spend an hour with, I still just want that hour to be with him. He really is my very, very best friend.

Anna Sisco

Anna came in later in my life when I was in High School. She was this amzingly strong and hard person. At the time, I didn't have a clue just what a survivor she really was. I was young and just like my 12-year old son today, I had my head so far up my own butt I didn't know just how much se needed me and the other girls. I admit that today my heart hurts a little when I think back to how bad the world treated her at such a young age. Her brother Mike died of AIDS and it was one of the first cases of AIDS that anyone around here had ever seen that close up. It was 1987-88. Today I just think back on the things she must have endured as a kid and as a mom just pray that my son never has to work so hard at just being a child while it's his turn. No kid should ever have to fight so hard. 

Lisa Rose

I have to put Lisa in here because it feels like the list is not complete without her on it. She lived beside us when I was a kid and she was the sweetest girl I knew. She was several years older than I was but she let me hang out with her ocassionally. I remember us getting into so much fun stuff and I remember thinking how grown up I was that I was hanging out with her. As we got older we lost touch but I occasionally still see her and when I do it always takes me back to my childhood.

Gina Williams

Gina and I sorta just inherited each other because our mothers were friends. But we became friends on our own. In a normal day, Gina would be my play buddy for years. Climbing mountains, swimming in man made creek ponds, riding our bicycles to school, washing dishes at her mothers sink or cleaning the beauty shop where my mom worked. She taught me how to kiss with post of her canopy bed as my "guy". When we went on vacation she always went with us. She was with me the day I got my first kiss from Jeff Campbell. We grew away from each other at some point in our lives but I can't hardly even look at photos of my childhood that she isn't in them.

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