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Stories About My Childhood

Life memories that help to make me.

My Hackney Family Name

By whatwendysaid | Apr 8, 2018

The Results are in…I am a Hackney !! Here are the results of my ancestryDNA test. England, Great Britian 91% Ireland, Scotland, Whales 4% Eastern Europe 2% Western Europe 1% Southern Europe 1% Caucasus 1% I started trying to track down my daddy’s name a week ago using and their FREE trial membership. In that week, I have 368 years of our family name traced back to London, England near the area where Hackney’s began. My results from my DNA test came in this week and I was excited. No big surprises with my name, Hackney and my DNA results….

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I am many things

By whatwendysaid | Mar 22, 2018

  My husband always talks about how he is many things. It hit me that I too can’t define myself as just one thing. I love so many different types of crafts, so many different hobbies and typically my mind can’t focus on one thing enough that I don’t have projects half finished laying about. I love my life. I love my husband. I love our little house and our memories that we have been blessed to make over the years we have been together. I say all the time that I will be so mad if we don’t get…

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My Brother Tatar was the oldest. He was the one most like our mother. Me and my brother Dee were just like Dad. As a child, Tatar was my hero. I remember thinking he was the smartest boy ever. He taught me my multiplication tables. 


My brother Dee was so tough. He still is. He was solid as a rock strong and always ready for a fight. Just exactly like our Dad. 


I was always a tomboy. I had to be. With two older brothers, I was just trying to keep up. I was just a daddy's girl from the time I was little tiny. Now that I am grown, I realize how much like my mother I am. 

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