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My new Electric Lawn Mower
I love this little electric mower. I got it for only $88.95 and it does an amazing job !


Pros and Cons | Electric or Gas Lawn Mowers | Review Sun Joe 12 Amp Electric Lawn Mower

I have been using  My New Electric Lawn Mower  the Sun Joe mower  for about two weeks and I absolutely love my choice. I ordered it from Amazon because I utilize their Prime Membership. How does anyone not already have Prime Membership? Love it. I didn’t have to go to the store or lug the big box home. I just answered the door and the FedEx guy sat the box on my porch and 20 minutes later I was mowing the yard.

I Like it When My Neighbor Has A Nice Lawn

When I was a small child it would have been nothing to find my dad across the street mowing the yard of my neighbor. Today I am a grown up and I mow the two neighbor yards to my right. I realize now that he wasn’t mowing them to be nice. I don't mow them because I am nice either.  I mow them and he mowed them, because if we don't  they will grow a foot tall and sag and be horrible to look at and since I am here more than my neighbors, that means I must look at their ugly yard. So, I go mow it. Just another way that I am exactly like my father.

Last year my normal gas powered lawn mower broke and I decided that this was the year to finally try out the corded electric choices. First, I made a list of the top five selling ones on Amazon. This is the way I begin most of my shopping admittedly. I have added that list to the bottom of this page so you have other choices in mowers to explore if you don't like the mower that I personally review here. I love my choice and here are the reasons why...


The Sun Joe MJ401E Mow Joe | 14 Inch | 12 Amp | Electric Lawn Mower | with a grass collection bag

For my personal taste, I wanted an electric lawn mower that would be very lightweight so that I could easily get it between my row house and the neighbors row house. There’s only about 3 feet between our houses, as we live inside the city. Our yards are relatively small as well, so I didn’t need a large deck lawn mower. My dad has a very large yard, so he opted for the Top 5 Large Yard Lawn Mowers: Gas or Electric?

The cost of the mower was only $88.78. I have truly gone to dinner with my family and paid more than that. It was exceptionally cheap I thought. Especially now that I have it and have used it, I realize it was a great deal. Sometimes it costs $149.99 and I am glad that I got it at the $88.99 price, but it would have been a good buy at full price.





Electric Lawn Mower Review
This is my new Electric Lawn Mower. Its the Sun Joe Mow Joe Electric Lawn Mower. It looks like a toy but cuts like a beast.

This Is Not a Toy Lawn Mower 

It felt a little silly when I opened the box and lifted out the new Sun Joe Lawn Mower. It was so lightweight it almost felt like a toy, like those Little Tikes toys for babies. I was putting it together thinking that there was no way it was going to ever cut grass good. The assembly was fast and easy and required no additional tools that did not come with the instructions. In about 20 minutes, from delivery, it was fired up and mowing the yard. It did an amazing job and even though it was lightweight it tackled the large job of my neighbors yard without any hesitation.

Suggested Use of Electric Mowers

Electric lawn mowers perform well on a small lot of grass. In the city or in the country if the area is reachable with an extension cord. Because my house faces the street and has a very tiny yard, the electric lawn mower was perfect for my needs. If you have a large yard it may not be possible to reach the areas furthest from your home with an extension cord and the electric, corded lawn mower may be more trouble than it’s worth. The general rule is that if your yard is 1/4 of an acre or less, a corded mower will work well for you. The maximum extension cord length is listed as 100 feet. I purchased an extension cord that stays with my mower and that's all I will use it for so that I know it will be right there with the mower next week. If you have a project that requires a gas powered choice you can see lots of gas mowers HERE.



Extension Cord Reach and the Electric Lawn Mower

For this evaluation I drew up the size and shape of my own yard and the two neighbor yards and the distance from my electrical outlet, so we could learn what type of cord to use as well as how long it would optimally need to be to reach all three of the yards. 100 feet of cord was more than enough for me to reach to the end of the yards and mow all three without ever using the full length of the cord.

Electric vs Gas | Lawn Mowers 

Electric and Gas are your two main choices when you go to purchase a lawn mower. The biggest differences for me were price, weight and noise. Both the electric and the gas have negative and positive things that might affect your buying decision. The goal is to find a choice that makes the task of lawn mowing as easy as possible.

Noise, or Lack of Noise, and the Electric Lawn Mower

When I finally had the mower assembled and ready to mow for the first time I read the directions and figured out exactly what I needed as far as cords and laid my extension cord at the bottom of the steps on the sidewalk before I began. I placed it carefully on this first try because I was a little nervous about mowing over top of my cord. I was coming from gas powered my whole life, so it seemed very strange to have an extension cord dragging about in the yard when I was going back and forth near it. But it worked out so smoothly that I was immediately hooked forever to the electric lawn mower choice.

It was so quite that my husband, who was upstairs on the couch working on some paperwork, didn’t even know that I was mowing the yard. When you press the tiny green button on the handle it sounded almost like when the barber turns the sheers on. If you have ever heard that sound, you know what I mean. I giggled into the air when I heard it. If the neighbors had been home and looking out their window I am certain that they would have thought I had lost my mind by this point. I mowed the grass with a huge smile on my face the entire time. It sounded like there was no way it could get the job done. And yet, it was capable and did a great job, even on the foot-tall grass in the yard two doors down. Let’s just hope that next time I mow grass that yard will be less work now that I have it mowed and raked and ready for someone to tend to. I think the people who live there are nurses, so they work very odd hours and sleep during the day. But since the lawn mower was so quiet I don’t think they even knew that the strange girl from down the street was mowing their yard.

Ease of Use

An electric lawn mower starts easily with the push of a button. We all know that a gas mower takes a little more effort to yank the cord and fuss with the holding down of the handle. If you are more elderly or have any mobility issues, I really think the electric mower is the choice for you as well.

The cord was no problem at all by the time I finished the first yard I had a system figured out. Only once did I have to go line out my cord issues. I forgot that I had a cord for a moment and wrapped around a tree on the sidewalk and had to stop and go back and unwrap. Other than that, it was no issue at all that I had a cord. I held one end on the bar of the mower at all times in the hand that I pushed with and the other hand held a little piece of the cord behind so that as I made the turn I would just whip it about to one side continuously so that it was out of my drag path. It was never an issue to have the cord and when I was finished mowing I just wrapped my length of cord around the handle of the mower and let it rest on the deck of the mower until next week when I mow again.

The primary maintenance requirement for an all-electric lawn mowers is going to be keeping the blades sharpened occasionally. I will most likely do this one time at the end of the season. I will keep this updated to include any future problems I may have, if any. But for now, I absolutely love it and am sort of considering going next door to the left to mow that neighbors grass tomorrow just for fun.


My awesome new Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower.
My awesome new Sun Joe Electric Lawn Mower


Performance & The Electric Lawn Mower

The grass was very tall when I started in my neighbors yard. In my yard it was grown up no more than 10 days of growth, so it wasn’t a challenge. The neighbors yard required a rake at the end to carry away the waste so that the yard wouldn’t just end up piled high with the chopped-up grass to die and wither away. It doesn’t look as good yet as I want it to, but I think in about two more mows I will have it cleaned back up and it will look like someone moved in. They are very sweet guys, they just rent the house and like I said before, they are nurses and they are hardly ever home except to sleep a few hours and then return to work.

The mower had no problem tackling the tall over grown grass. It didn’t stall out or die even once. I did do the tip up on the front end for a couple passes as I drove up and over the taller growth just to let the mower have two passes to get it all chopped up. I tend to do that with a gas mower as well though when tackling this kind of overgrown lawns.

The electric lawn mower that I purchased is lightweight and easy to push, and it comes with a grass collection bag that I will start using next week. I knew I was in for some raking on this go around so I didn’t bother with the collection bag. It was fast and easy to assemble and looked to hold a lot of clippings before I would need to empty it.

The Details of my Sun Joe Mow Joe Electric Lawn Mower | MJ401E | $88.95 | 14 inch | 12 Amp 

The Sun Joe Mow Joe uses a 12 amp, electric motor. That didn't sound very big when I was ordering it but once I got it and used it for a couple weeks I realized that it was more than enough to tackle our three city yards. It was quiet and light weight but highly effective. The Easy push button start was awesome and there was no need for a trip to the gas station to purchase gasoline. The Sun Joe Mow Joe has three positions for height adjustments up to 2-2/5 inches and is suggested for yards that are 1/4 acres or less. It feels very compact, stored easily in my garage and took up less space. The rear wheels are 5.5 inches and it has a hard top grass catcher that detaches easily for convenient disposal. The deck mow width is 14 inches. Perfect for my small yard.

Environmental Impact of Electric Lawn Mower Compared to Gas Lawn Mower

The one thing I do truly think I will love about the electric lawn mower was the fact that I didn’t need to go get a container of gas before I started mowing. I loved that part. It seems no matter how organized I am, I never have gas for the mower at the time that I want to mow. A gas-powered mower emits pollutants from the machine that can affect your health and they have the potential to damage the environment far more than an electric mower. New gas mowers do have lower emissions than years passed but I liked the electric mower, with no gasoline combustion.


For me, the Sun Joe, corded electric lawn mower was a great choice. It was lightweight, easy to use, powerful, adorable, gave off no smelly odor, used no chemicals or harmful emissions, did a bang up job at cutting the tall grass in our three yards and met or exceeded my expectations for a lawn mower. I would suggest that anyone wanting to try an electric lawn mower give the Sun Joe Mow Joe at try.

You can see the full line on Amazon by clicking this search link. Help a girl support her blog and be sure to use this link to do your own research on choices for Electric Lawn Mowers on Amazon.  This does contain an affiliate link to an item sold on but the review is based on my own personal purchase of this item. I own it, love it and would purchase it again. Especially at the current price of  $88.95. If you are in the market for an electric lawn mower please use the links on this page to search Amazon so that it helps support my blog habits 🙂 


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