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A Boy & His Daddy

My son's Daddy has been very sick for about a year. He busted a hole in his heart and then four months later did the same thing again. They call it an aortic discetion. I have personally watched him suffer through so much over the last year. We have been divorced for many years now, but we share a love for this boy like no other.

Mike called me from the ER the night before Christmas Eve and then he ended up having open heart surgery on Christmas Eve. He has been close to death for months. On more than one occasion he had no pulse and was unresponsive. I have had to sit our son down and explain to him that his Daddy wouldn't make it and that he needed to be prepared for his death so many times the last six months.

But today, he got the sweet surprise of finding him at his sister’s house just about ten minutes from us. He didn’t want me to tell Mikey that he was coming home so he could surprise him. When we opened the door, he was as big as his daddy. I wake up every day and see him there, so I don’t see Mikeys growth that much from one day to the next but his Daddy hadn’t seen him but once since December so to him he shot up overnight.

I don’t really have some amazing story to tell about this. It probably doesn’t mean anything to anyone but me. But I needed to say to the universe that I am thankful today that my son got one more time that he got to wrap his arms around his Daddy and feel happy.

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Please don’t ever be Aaron’s Mommy

Please don't ever be Aaron's Mommy

The sweet words of a 4 year old.

Mikey is four at the time of this story.

Aaron was 20 at the time of this tale. 


Between the two of them they have 100% of my heart.

Please don't ever be Aaron's Mommy

Mikey is 4 and Aaron is 20. Needless to say there are a few years difference in their ages. I pretty much started over a whole new family with Mikey. But for as long as Mikey is able to remember Aaron has been "Bubby" and has been a steady part of his life.

If Mikey looks outside and see's Aaron coming into the guest entrance he will run around the house and make his way to the side door to open it to let "Bubby" into the house.

Aaron likes to wrestle with Mikey and rough him up. It always ends in me saying to them "Okay thats enough" Because I'm scared Mikey will get hurt ! Although now that I am thinking back it seems I remember that Aaron is usually the one who walks away in pain ? Mikey seems to always catch him just right.


Today Aaron was with me when I went to pick Mikey up from school and it was raining and Aaron said he would just jump and go get him. As I watched out the window I thought it was sweet to see them together but I could see right away when Mikey saw Aaron that he was upset. I got out and started to walk toward them and Mikey said, " Oh Mommy, I thought you were not going to be my mommy any more !" He was so upset.

Our nightly story has always been that we tell about the day. He says, "Tell me about my day" and wants you to repeat line by line whatever he did that day. So tonight when we went in and climbed into the bed for our story he wanted to hear about how Aaron picked him up from school. "Tell me Mommy about Aaron coming to get me from school today".

I started to tell him the story and realized right away that he does not get that Aaron is my child. He realizes that he is his brother but doesn't understand that it also means that I am Aaron's Mommy.

I said to him  "I am Aaron's Mommy too" and he immediately started crying and said, "Mommy, I don't want you to be Aaron's Mommy !" I tried to explain but he just had more questions than he did answers.


"Does Aaron have a daddy" he said. I told him yes that Aaron did have a daddy and he said...NOT MY DADDY ! I think he was certain that he was not going to share his mommy and now be expected to share his daddy as well.

I guess I never really put much consideration into what Mikey thought of me and Aaron together but I realize now that he thought Aaron was "his" bubby and that was okay as long as it didn't mean that he had to share his mommy !

Funny how his little mind works. "Please don't ever be Aaron's mommy" he said.


It truly is like I raised two only children.

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Little Boy, Where’d you get your britches?

This page is my entry for this months challenge on a blog that I subscribe to and love !

The page requirements were as listed here:

1. Use orange and brown.

2. Use woodgrain.

3. Use fabric.

4. Use something with wings.

5. Use a toilet paper roll.

6. Use song lyrics in your title

I met these qualifications in the following ways….

Of coarse my paper choices were orange & browns and I used my Tim Holtz inks for distressing in Orange and Brown. Then I cut down a piece of 12×12 scrapbook paper to a 8 1/2 x 11 size so that I could run it thru my regualar printer and do journalling on it. This piece of paper was a piece of brown woodgrain which was requirement number two.

For the using of a piece of fabric I really had a struggle. I used to be a quilter before I picked up scrapbooking so I’m no stranger to fabric..I just hardly ever touch it

now. and I dislike sewing in a major way . So, to be sure I met the qualification I used a piece of fabric to roll up and make a stem for my flower. I just laid out a piece of fabric and snipped off a circle(-ish) piece and rolled it up into a tube shape and then used my Tim Holtz Mini Stapler to hold it together. I made the little leaves using scraps from the butterfly.

Next It asked for something with wings ! Yeah ! You know my new butterfly template came in handy here ! The template is now ready for purchase online at the site or fromAmazon. It was designed by me and manufactured by Hot off the Press. It is a great template and for the few dollars you pay for it I think a great investment.

Butterflies are very popular on pages and it can be used to make so many different perfectly complimenting embellishments for all your scrapbook pages.

I laid the Template over the “toilet paper roll” and marked it and cut it out. I used the edge distresser to run along the edges of the butterfly and then inked again with Tim Holtz inks. The part that I love about the butterfly is the antenna’s on it.

When I make my butterflies I love for it to be a dimensional antenna so I am always looking for the perfect thing to use to make them and today I discovered the absolute perfect item !

I cut two pieces from a cluster of plastic flowers and it made these adorable little antenna’s ! I love em ! I cant wait to use them again and again ! I’m thinking you could dip them in some glue or spray them with sticky spray and you could make them all glittery and shinny Or you could use a magic marker and color them black. So cute !!! Just stick a sticky dot back behind the butterfly and slide them down in behind !

The final qualification was that the title be words from a song. I thought this would be harder than it actually was. I just got the new Droid phone from Verizon and it has an app on it that lets you click on it and from the push of a button you can find just about any song online for free ! You can then touch it to keep it on your phone as a full song or ringtone ! Loving the droid !!!!

So I searched for Britches (hillbilly for pants) and it came back with a little folk song titled “Little Boy, where’d ya get those britches” and I knew it was meant to be !

The photo is one I snapped of my son Mikey about two weeks ago in his first pair of “Big Boy” pants…the first pair that are a size in little boys and not in the toddlers. “They look just like daddy’s pants” he said.

So there ya go ! A page to enter and some cool techniques to share !

This is the link for the challenge and I gotta tell ya…its my first time entering a challenge….so if I win….I will let you know ! If I loose…I will post the page that beats me:)