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Cruise #1 Carnival Feb 2016


Carnival Glory Caribbean Cruise

Febuary 26, 2016

This was our first time cruising. Bil and I took this trip alone. Our son stayed with his dad and it was a completely different experience than it was each of the other times that we cruised with him along.

We can never take another cruise alone now that Mikey discovered it. He actually never wants to go on vacation with us unless its a cruise.

We flew from Charleston West Virginia to Miami and then go on the ship to sail. We drove down to Key West Florida to spend a couple days before the cruise.











Carnival Glory

Carnival Glory may still be my favorite ship of all the ones we have gone on. Maybe that’s because it was my first time and it was so cool but I remember that ship as having great pools and being fun to ride on.







It’s My Birthday

It was my birthday. That was just by chance. The cruise date just happened to fall on my birthday that year.

This giant clock was in one of the ports on the trip near a geocache.


Towel Animals

Towel Animals are all the rage on a Carnival cruise. I have been on a couple of them now and getting your cabin cleaned is exciting because you want to get the next one. The steward comes in the evening and cleans your room and he folds and leaves it on your bed for you to find when you return to your room. Each day you get a new shape.


Mahogany Bay

This little stop on this cruise was fun. We laid in a hammick for hours and people watched and we walked about watching animals play.

We also took a boat out and went scuba diving on this little pod that you sat on like a scooter. It was really cool but a tiny bit scary. Especially when I bumped into a shark while underwater.


Holocaust Museum

While in Florida we visited a holocaust Museum that was amazing.










Don’t Jump

This was our first cruise so I sprang for the balcony room. It was pretty nice. But when we went on our next cruise I started getting the room without the balcony because Mikey went with us and I was always scared he would climb around and fall off when I wasn’t looking. LOL


I can’t breathe

While in the Grand Cayman Islands we took a beginner scuba diving class. I sucked really bad at it and insisted that Bil go on and I walked around the little town and searched for geocaches while he finished. I have never even tried again because I hated the whole thing so much. I like breathing air 😉



The names of the millions of men and women and children who were killed in the Holocaust are written on this enormous wall.


Passport Stamps

This was my first time using my passport on a trip so I was so excited at each port to go into the country and get the stamps. Now, I hardly even try to get a stamp when we go places because its so much extra work. I have noticed that when you go into some countries from another country you don’t always get a stamp.



Cozumel was so beautiful. It was my first time going to Mexico. I remember not liking it when we went into the port because the men would walk up and try to sell me something and call me “Blondy” and then get angry at me because I didn’t want their stuff.


While we were in Cozumel we  went out to visit the ruins. This was the first time I had seen any kind of Myan Ruins. They were called the Ancient City of Tulum and it felt like it took forever to get out to them.

It was beautiful there and not horribly busy. It was great practice for my future trips to countries that made me uncomfortable. LOL


That’s a big ole boat


Carnival Glory is a ship that I really want to go back on someday. We like taking cruises in February. Bil always says it makes him feel like winter lasts less time if he gets to break it up and visit some tropical place in February.


Awesome Memories


The protector

This was the first time I ever swam on a coral reef. It was amazing. One of the most beautiful spots I have ever seen in person.

Belize City did not impress me at all. I hated it. I don’t ever really want to go back into Belize City. The coast, the beach and the water were the most beautiful I have ever seen though.

The city was super scary. There was the guy who walked us back to the port who insisted he was protecting us from the other people who wanted to kill the America cruisers but the entire time I just kept praying that we would end up alive to get back on the boat. I think now looking back that his job was walking around and finding lost cruise ship people and “helping” them find their way back. He didn’t ask for money at the end but he held his hand out and waited for you to give him his payment for saving you.


Spectacular View

While we were in Florida we took a bike ride on rented bikes. My butt hurt for a couple days after but we had the best time. We met an older couple that made me feel happy because they had been together for so long. The sunsets were the most spectacular I have ever seen. Okay, up until I saw the sun set on the Great Pyramids.


Old Friends

Many years before Bil had been in Belize. He met an artist there and when we went he wanted to look the guy up. He remembered where his house was and we took a taxi out there and he walked up and knocked on the guys door and had a nice visit with him. This is the street in front of his house.


My Collection

Every time we go on a cruise I collect the towel animals that the steward brings up and keep them until the end of the week. I love to pile them all up for a photo 🙂

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