You Found the iCache Coin :)


If you are on the scavenger hunt for the coin give-a-way, you have made some progress. This coin is almost yours.


  1. You could be the winner. Just follow these steps to see.
  2. Go to your Facebook page. Copy this text and the photo below and post it on YOUR wall and TAG Wendy Richardson (Me).
  3. You must subscribe | Follow this site first so that it will time stamp your finding this page. You can do this in the top right corner of the sidebar on my website where it says FOLLOW ME. Just enter your email address there. We will use that if there is a question as to who found it first. So be sure to subscribe !!!! Then copy the red text below and the photo of the coin you found and post it to YOUR Facebook ASAP. The first to complete these things will win this geocoin.
  • I just visited and played her scavenger hunt contest. I found this geocoin code and I think I won. If you want to try to win one of her personal geocoins from her collection, all you have to do is visit and search for GC codes within her website. She is giving away ALL of her geocoin collection this way.

If you are the first person to do this you will win this coin !!!

I won this geocoin at


The first person to do this wins. If there is a question about who did it first it will be determined by the time of the post on Facebook or the time you subscribed to my website to determine who won.